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Tips for Leaving an Effective Message

Imagine you’re on a train. The woman next to you just shared that she’s dealing with a challenge that you have been through. Your stop is next and you only have a 30-second window to offer some meaningful encouragement to this woman. What would you say?

“Can I really give an effective Message of Hope in just 30-seconds?”

Absolutely! And here are some suggestions to help you out:

Step One

Introduce yourself – first name only, please – and establish what challenge or adversity you overcame and how difficult it was for YOU.

Step Two

Share some specifics about what helped get you through your adversity.

Step Three

And remember, Encourage others battling with the same challenge by letting them know that they too can overcome.

And remember, don’t be shy! Just be YOU! Your words can give hope to so many others so don’t forget to speak from the heart!

Sample Message of Hope

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Give Hope

Here's why...

Studies have identified what’s become known as a “helper’s high” phenomenon. Help someone out–say, by giving them hope!–and your body releases endorphins, producing a measurable rush of elation.

The more you practice compassion, the more your brain becomes wired to see the good in the world. Something known as the “carryover effect.

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