PHE will be going through all messages left on our Hope Line and via this website. While, unfortunately, we will not be able to use all of the messages we receive, our goal is to use as many as possible in one or more of the following ways:

  • Showcase messages in our online “Get Hope” repository
  • Share messages through our social media channels
  • Share montages of messages with adversity specific advocacy organizations
  • Make use of messages in our media outreach

By leaving your message, you are giving PHE permission to use your message in these and similar ways.

Possibly. All PHE messages must be 30 seconds or less, and our editors may be editing longer messages to meet this objective. While we reserve the right to edit messages, we will never do so in a way that changes the meaning of a message.

Yes. While we require a first name for each message, you are more than welcome to choose a pseudonym, if that is more comfortable for you. What’s important is that you speak from the heart with as much honesty as possible in your message, itself.

No. If you feel you are in crisis, we strongly recommend that you call 911 and seek immediate help. PHE is not meant to be a substitute for professional guidance.

While some adversities are easily categorized as a “physical health” or “mental health” challenge, not all are. In some cases, we have chosen to include a particular adversity in more than one category, for ease of navigation.

First, thank you for asking!! We will be developing volunteer opportunities down the road, but right now you can best support us by help spreading the word about PHE! Please encourage your friends and loved ones to visit this site and consider leaving a message. We also hope you’ll visit the A2A Alliance and Life Vest Inside websites for specific volunteer opportunities.